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Overseas Education

The moment Nabukenya found out that she passed her entrance exam of Waseda University

”In December 2005, Nabukenya Ritah, an Ugandan student who have lost her father to AIDS, passed the entrance examination for Waseda University in Japan, and she recently graduated from the school. Her life in Uganda had been very hard after losing her father as a young child. Yet in spite of being extremely poor, her mother encouraged her to study hard. Sometimes Nabukenya was unable to study at night because she could not afford to buy a candle. Still, she did not give up.

The photo which two Ugandans passed their entrance exams of Kwansei Univ.

As well as Nabukenya’s story, there are many teenagers who cannot manage to go on to higher education. Therefore, Ashinaga provides opportunity to study in Japan to those who finished secondary education.

Two students from Uganda passed their entrance examinations for Kwansei Gakuin University.

There are now ten Ugandan orphans in Japan, and more join them each year. They provide hope and inspiration to all the other orphans who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS.