Education For the Future



Outing at a Kavumba Recreation Centre – 2011.May

Our orphans rarely have the chance to leave Nansana. Therefore, each we hold an outing for young children, aged from 9 to 13 and a camp for teenagers, 14 years and older.

In the past, children have been to a factory, farm, park, lake, and river. These outings give them the chance to experience things they have never seen before. About 200 children participate in each outing, and they are able to make friends from other parts of Nansana, as well.

The Leader’s Camp 2011 @ Lake Albert

Camps are focused on helping teenagers develop into leaders of their fellow orphans around the world. We hope that by participating in camps, children will learn to overcome challenges and understand the value of working hard for their future. Our goal is for each child to grow up to be an adult with a strong sense of purpose and a good heart.