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Saturday care program

  2012/10/27    Care Program

Ashinaga Uganda runs many programs. And one of them is Saturday care program. This provides psychosocial support to children.Every Saturday children come to participate in a number of activities which include skits, group work (sharing experience), presentations and games. On …

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The 9th Group of Volunteers from Germany

  2012/09/24    Volunteers

Ashinaga(U) receives volunteers not only from Japan but also from Germany every year. The 9th group of volunteers from Germany arrived in Uganda on 3rd September. The two have just graduated from high school and are going to spend one …

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Training Camp of Ashinaga Baseball Club

  2012/09/05    Ashinaga Baseball Club

My name is Daiki Fujimoto. I am a coach of the Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC). I teach baseball to the ABC members twice a week. During the Term II holiday, we participated in a baseball training camp with 10 ABC …

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Leaders’ Camp

  2012/08/27    Rainbow House

3 nights 4 days from 22nd to 25th August, “Leaders’ Camp” took place in Kabale District. 48 orphaned teenagers participated in this camp. And there were 75 participants in all members including the staffs. The Japanese trainee and the Ugandan …

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Classic piano concert

  2012/08/08    Rainbow House, Terakoya

On 8th August, Panos Karan, a Greek concert pianist from London, visited Ashinaga Uganda to have a classic piano concert for children. He established a charity, called “Keys of Change,” to make the world a better place through music. This …

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End of 2nd Term Terakoya Guardians’ Meeting

  2012/08/06    Terakoya

The 2nd term guardians’ meeting was held at Terakoya on 3rd August. We informed the guardians about the events, academic performance, daily behaviors and health condition of students in the 2nd term. We especially put an emphasis on the Ebola …

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An internship student from Vassar College

  2012/07/21    Overseas, Rainbow House, Volunteers

Hello to you all! My name is Contessa Mwedzi and I come from Zimbabwe. In September, I will start my last year of undergraduate study at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. I am currently majoring in French and I …

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Community Worker’s Meeting

  2012/07/04    Rainbow House

Community Worker’s meeting was held on 30th July, which we hold twice a year. Our programs can not run without the help from the Community Workers who live in local community. They report to us about orphans who need registration …

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3 months report from the 9th group of Japanese student volunteers (7)

  2012/06/27    Volunteers

I met an infant who was neglected on the street, street children who scavenge from garbage in the slums and boys who suffer from drug addiction. I felt that this world is absurd, and that I am still very immature …

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3 months report from the 9th group of Japanese student volunteers (6)

  2012/06/27    Volunteers

One day, I went to a construction site where all the sewers of Kampala are covered. Since I didn’t make any appointment, a response from the workers at the site was not very kind. I was even insulted that my …