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Beans bracelets – 2

  2013/11/06    Terakoya, Volunteers

Hope you have checked the former article about beans bracelet project.  I am introducing guardians made the bracelets this year.  Current and former 20 guardians of TERAKOYA students were selected for this year.  Almost all of them don’t have permanent …

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Know the world, aim for the world

  2013/10/26    Care Program, Volunteers

Teenager’s Care Program on October 26th We held Teenager’s Care Program on October 26th. Teenagers’ Program is held once a month for those who are registered at ASHINAGA UGANDA. “Know the world, aim for the world” The theme of the program …

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The First Baseball Game in 2013

  2013/10/25    Ashinaga Baseball Club, Volunteers

  Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) held a baseball game on October 20th.  It was the first game for us after I became the coach of ABC in 2013.  We played the game from Kyambogo University ground, and the game was …

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The thing which make students happy

  2013/10/25    Terakoya, Volunteers

The thing which TERAKOYA students are most looking forward to is lunch time.  As soon as they hear the bell for lunch, Students who are studying from morning rush to outside of the class.  Their main food is Posho (steamed …

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Candidates of the studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA (1)

  2013/10/18    Overseas, Volunteers

I am introducing candidates of studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA today.  There are 3 candidates studying for entrance of American Universities and 5 candidates for Japanese Universities.  ASHINAGA UGANDA gives an opportunity for higher education to study in the …

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One day in TERAKOYA

  2013/10/17    Terakoya

TERAKOYA students come to school at 8:30 every day.  The beginning of the day starts with cleaning.  Though they look very sleepy, they cooperate with each other to clean the class rooms.  Then they start their studies with clean environment.   …

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Beans Bracelets – 1

  2013/10/16    Terakoya

Do you know these bracelets on the photo?  We are providing these bracelets to participants of “ASHNAGA P-Walk 10” as a participation certificate.  This project started last year.  20 mothers and grandmothers who have registered students at Terakoya made them …


Teenagers’ Care Program

  2013/09/28    Care Program, Volunteers

On September 28th, we hold a “Teenager Care Program”. This program is held for Secondary school students who registered under ASHINAGA UGANDA, and the program is held once a month. Program of the day aimed to help the teenagers overcome …

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Care program for lower primary【Knowing each other】

  2013/03/19    Care Program

For children, the process of knowing each other is fun and stimulating, whatever their age are. 16th February 2013 children aged 5 to 9 participated in the Saturday care program. We started with a team work building game called Name …

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New Scholarship Program for the Secondary

  2013/03/11    Rainbow House

Ashinaga Uganda launched a scholarship program for a new S1 (First year of Junior high school in Japan) student. Uganda uses unified lower and upper secondary school system. Therefore, the scholars will have to apply again when they advance to …