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Terakoya Graduation and Entrance 2015

  2015/02/07    Terakoya

Here comes a season of saying good-bye to P.4 students and welcome the new Terakoya entrants. The ceremonies took place on 30th, January 2015. At Terakoya, we accept pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 4, after graduating from our school, …

We are all Ashinaga Family, who made the festival.

Cultural Festival 2015

  2015/02/03    Rainbow House, Terakoya

On 20th November, we held the Cultural festival. We have this festival once in a year at Ashinaga Uganda. This time was the 11th , so we tried to change our purpose for a new step. Until last year, our …


ABC Match!

  2014/11/17    Ashinaga Baseball Club

Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) is the official baseball team of Ashinaga Uganda. The members are students who are registered as HIV/AIDS orphans. Since 2009, ABC has held regular games with other teams. Although it is small-scale, ABC has been steadily …


Introducing Reading Culuture to Terakoya Pupils

  2014/10/15    Terakoya

ASHINAGA Uganda has a library. Though it has a small space, it is full of books including picture books and literature books. These books are all donated by Ashinaga-san from all over the world. After lunch, pupils come and ask …


Departure of Future Leaders

  2014/09/24    Overseas

It is our pleasure that four other Ugandan students left Ashinaga Uganda to study in U.S.A and Japan. Daniel Kibuuka, Joseph Ssengendo and Hilda Nalwanga to U.S.A, and Peace to Japan. Studying in a developed country like U.S.A and Japan …

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TERAKOYA 3rd Term Started

  2014/09/24    Terakoya

It has been almost 2 weeks since TERAKOYA 3rd term started. Children who had been still in holiday mood are beginning to get back their seriousness gradually. Every Monday to Thursday afternoon, TERAKOYA has classes called “Special Class”, mainly conducted …

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4 candidates to Japan!

  2014/01/09    Overseas, Volunteers

“My dream of studying in Japan finally came true. I will study more and more in Japan, and I want to work for Ashinaga and Uganda in future.” 4 candidates on the Overseas Education Program at Ashinaga Uganda (AU), Lutaaya …

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Cleaning Club

  2013/12/12    Volunteers

Cleaning Club Student volunteers are cleaning in Nansana. Cleaning Club is now composed of two Japanese and six Ugandan students. I introduce the activity of Cleaning Club. Activity The Club cleans the road from Main Road to Ashinaga Uganda in …

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Conclusion – Teenagers’ Care Program

  2013/11/23    Care Program, Volunteers

Last Teenagers’ Care Program in This Year Teenagers’ Care Program was held on Saturday, November 23. It was the last Care Program for Teenagers in this year. The program was reflect all of Programs which were held in this year. …

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Candidates of the studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA (2)

  2013/11/06    Overseas, Volunteers

  I am introducing studying overseas program’s candidate students for Japanese universities at Ashinaga Uganda today. They work at TERAKOYA as assistant teachers from 9:00AM to 3:00PM and after studying Japanese language from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in the week days.  …