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graduants with big smile

Terakoya Graduation and Entrance 2015

  2015/02/07    Terakoya

Here comes a season of saying good-bye to P.4 students and welcome the new Terakoya entrants. The ceremonies took place on 30th, January 2015. At Terakoya, we accept pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 4, after graduating from our school, …

We are all Ashinaga Family, who made the festival.

Cultural Festival 2015

  2015/02/03    Rainbow House, Terakoya

On 20th November, we held the Cultural festival. We have this festival once in a year at Ashinaga Uganda. This time was the 11th , so we tried to change our purpose for a new step. Until last year, our …


Introducing Reading Culuture to Terakoya Pupils

  2014/10/15    Terakoya

ASHINAGA Uganda has a library. Though it has a small space, it is full of books including picture books and literature books. These books are all donated by Ashinaga-san from all over the world. After lunch, pupils come and ask …

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TERAKOYA 3rd Term Started

  2014/09/24    Terakoya

It has been almost 2 weeks since TERAKOYA 3rd term started. Children who had been still in holiday mood are beginning to get back their seriousness gradually. Every Monday to Thursday afternoon, TERAKOYA has classes called “Special Class”, mainly conducted …

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Beans bracelets – 2

  2013/11/06    Terakoya, Volunteers

Hope you have checked the former article about beans bracelet project.  I am introducing guardians made the bracelets this year.  Current and former 20 guardians of TERAKOYA students were selected for this year.  Almost all of them don’t have permanent …

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The thing which make students happy

  2013/10/25    Terakoya, Volunteers

The thing which TERAKOYA students are most looking forward to is lunch time.  As soon as they hear the bell for lunch, Students who are studying from morning rush to outside of the class.  Their main food is Posho (steamed …

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One day in TERAKOYA

  2013/10/17    Terakoya

TERAKOYA students come to school at 8:30 every day.  The beginning of the day starts with cleaning.  Though they look very sleepy, they cooperate with each other to clean the class rooms.  Then they start their studies with clean environment.   …

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Beans Bracelets – 1

  2013/10/16    Terakoya

Do you know these bracelets on the photo?  We are providing these bracelets to participants of “ASHNAGA P-Walk 10” as a participation certificate.  This project started last year.  20 mothers and grandmothers who have registered students at Terakoya made them …

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Terakoya Entrance in 2013

  2013/02/07    Overseas, Terakoya, Volunteers

We held an entrance ceremony for Terakoya after the graduation ceremony. 16 students entered in Primary 1 to Primary 3 this year. Putting on a brand new uniform, they were welcomed by students and introduced themselves in front of the …

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Terakoya Graduation in 2012

  2013/02/07    Overseas, Terakoya, Volunteers

On January 25th, Terakoya held the 3rd graduation ceremony. 13 students took an exam to enter a local school, and all of them successfully passed to be promoted to Primary 5 class. Guardians and younger students participated to send them …