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Departure of Future Leaders

  2014/09/24    Overseas

It is our pleasure that four other Ugandan students left Ashinaga Uganda to study in U.S.A and Japan. Daniel Kibuuka, Joseph Ssengendo and Hilda Nalwanga to U.S.A, and Peace to Japan. Studying in a developed country like U.S.A and Japan …

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4 candidates to Japan!

  2014/01/09    Overseas, Volunteers

“My dream of studying in Japan finally came true. I will study more and more in Japan, and I want to work for Ashinaga and Uganda in future.” 4 candidates on the Overseas Education Program at Ashinaga Uganda (AU), Lutaaya …

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Candidates of the studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA (2)

  2013/11/06    Overseas, Volunteers

  I am introducing studying overseas program’s candidate students for Japanese universities at Ashinaga Uganda today. They work at TERAKOYA as assistant teachers from 9:00AM to 3:00PM and after studying Japanese language from 4:00PM to 6:00PM in the week days.  …

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Candidates of the studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA (1)

  2013/10/18    Overseas, Volunteers

I am introducing candidates of studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA today.  There are 3 candidates studying for entrance of American Universities and 5 candidates for Japanese Universities.  ASHINAGA UGANDA gives an opportunity for higher education to study in the …

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Terakoya Entrance in 2013

  2013/02/07    Overseas, Terakoya, Volunteers

We held an entrance ceremony for Terakoya after the graduation ceremony. 16 students entered in Primary 1 to Primary 3 this year. Putting on a brand new uniform, they were welcomed by students and introduced themselves in front of the …

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Terakoya Graduation in 2012

  2013/02/07    Overseas, Terakoya, Volunteers

On January 25th, Terakoya held the 3rd graduation ceremony. 13 students took an exam to enter a local school, and all of them successfully passed to be promoted to Primary 5 class. Guardians and younger students participated to send them …

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Japanese class students from Makerere University visit Ashinaga Uganda

  2012/11/12    Overseas, Rainbow House, Volunteers

I am Yu Yasukawa and am one of the student volunteers at Ashinaga (U). I teach Japanese to four students, who are trying to study in Japan, four times a week. On October 24th, we welcomed 15 students from the …

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An internship student from Vassar College

  2012/07/21    Overseas, Rainbow House, Volunteers

Hello to you all! My name is Contessa Mwedzi and I come from Zimbabwe. In September, I will start my last year of undergraduate study at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. I am currently majoring in French and I …

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Nakaswa John

  2011/11/01    Overseas

Hello. I’m Ayami, a student volunteer. I’m in charge of Tuesday. He is Nakaswa John, an overseas student, is going to apply for Kansai Gakuin university. He experienced a harder life than ordinary Ugandans face. However, now he has a …

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Revision of Japanese

  2011/10/27    Overseas

Hello, I am Mika Horiguchi, a student volunteer. I am in charge of Thursday.Today, we did revision in Japanese class. The students made many sentences with useful Japanese expression. At the end of this month, they have a big test, so …