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ABC Match!

  2014/11/17    Ashinaga Baseball Club

Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) is the official baseball team of Ashinaga Uganda. The members are students who are registered as HIV/AIDS orphans. Since 2009, ABC has held regular games with other teams. Although it is small-scale, ABC has been steadily …

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The First Baseball Game in 2013

  2013/10/25    Ashinaga Baseball Club, Volunteers

  Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) held a baseball game on October 20th.  It was the first game for us after I became the coach of ABC in 2013.  We played the game from Kyambogo University ground, and the game was …

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Training Camp of Ashinaga Baseball Club

  2012/09/05    Ashinaga Baseball Club

My name is Daiki Fujimoto. I am a coach of the Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC). I teach baseball to the ABC members twice a week. During the Term II holiday, we participated in a baseball training camp with 10 ABC …

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Ashinaga Baseball Culb

  2011/10/31    Ashinaga Baseball Club

Hello,I’m Yasuki Yamaguchi, a student volunteer. This is one of  the girl’s leaders among baseball players. She is writing a comment for today’s practice. Not only practicing baseball but also revising practicies help them to improve their skills and minds!