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Terakoya Graduation and Entrance 2015


Here comes a season of saying good-bye to P.4 students and welcome the new Terakoya entrants. The ceremonies took place on 30th, January 2015. At Terakoya, we accept pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 4, after graduating from our school, P4 pupils join another public school in Nansana. This year, 15 graduates got the admission, and will continue with their studies there under Terakoya scholarship programs. On this day, they shared their new goal to their guardians, teachers and underclassmates. While teachers and Japanese volunteer students, who had assisted in teaching, encouraged them to work hard and the graduates listened with serious faces. The common word of encouragement was “Ashinaga family”. Our children graduate from Terakoya, but we are always one family. Whenever they have some trouble or good things, they can come back here. Ashinaga Uganda’s door is open anytime for them. One of the graduates Mukalukaaka Diana, declared her dream to be a good doctor in front of her sister who came as her guardian on this day. Diana always helped her teachers and juniors and she took initiative in cleaning and supporting everyone. She does not like to stand in front of others but she always wants to help someone. Her hospitality made her want to be a doctor to treat sick people. “At the new school, I will work hard in science and social studies which I’m not good at. I want to make new friends too. I want to study and enjoy school life to my fullest!” She said. Her face was bright with hope for new life. The new pupils show their faces filled with curiosity. In this year, we have 21 pupils. Some of them have ever been at school, while others had never attended school. To select from numerous applicants, Ashinaga Uganda’s staff visit their homes and interview them and their guardians. In the welcoming ceremony, new pupils seemed to have been interested in everything in Terakoya. The new pupils seem to be shy but we believe they will get used very quickly through playing with each other. Primary 4 pupils are to be leaders this year. We are looking forward to see the change in 2015   The new term begun on 2nd, February 2015. We can hear children’s energetic voice all over Terakoya.

graduants with big smile

looking around…new entrants

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TERAKOYA 3rd term closing ceremony

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Terakoya Graduation in 2012

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Terakoya Sports Day

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Beans bracelets – 2

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Terakoya Entrance in 2013

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