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Cultural Festival 2015


On 20th November, we held the Cultural festival. We have this festival once in a year at Ashinaga Uganda. This time was the 11th , so we tried to change our purpose for a new step. Until last year, our festival has been for Terakoya pupils and people who already know Ashinaga. For example, Japanese students and foreign intern students introduced their culture and pupils performed Ugandan traditional dance. Through enjoying these cultural exchanges, we knew each other’s background and deepened our relationships. Since we are having more students and staff from all over the world these days, we had started to think of the need to spreade the information about Ashinaga to all over the world. Almost all people in Nansana already know about us well, so we made a big change in the program from the domestic one to the one which is intended to introduce the people who don’t know Ashinaga. 12 Ashinaga foreign members joined this festival. Among were students from 10 different African countries, they came to Uganda for Ashinaga’s new project,” Educational Support for African Children Who  Have Lost Parents” study camp, 2 of them are from the U.S. and U.K,  who came to support their camp. They made 11th Cultural festival hugely different ever. This year’ theme was “Stepping forward”.In this theme we hoped to go the next step from Nansana to the outside. Let me introduce the new programs. *Performance by study camp students The students introduced their cultures, in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Gabon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory-Coast and Uganda with dance and skit. Through their passionate introduction, participants felt (witnessed) the beginning of development of international Ashinaga Uganda.At the end of the skit, they danced a present famous Ugandan song “Wale, Wale”, our party was filled with happiness. *Question time As the first trial, we put the question time from Terakoya pupils to our guests. They cannot normally communicate with those guests, but this time, they challenged by asking their pure questions. “How can I make my dream come true?”  “What is your favorite food?” “How did you play when you were a child?” Pupil’s questions were many, like innocent ones or serious ones. Our guests, the famous pastor in Uganda, professional performer and local politician, they all seemed be uneasy at first, but soon they answered pupil’s questions politely. We hope this new program will push pupil’s new step after graduating Terakoya. *Fashion show Students, staff from various contries wore their traditional wears, and this put this festival more colors and uniqueness. We had African toraditional wears and kids with Muslim formal style. Thorogh this program, we could pictured the image of Ashinaga Uganda, which starts from community based organization, and now changing its way to the place where people from various countries interact each other. *Theme song At the end of the festival, Ashinaga family, including children, African students and staff sang a song, “We are the world”. . Until the day, we practiced together every day. Since we, Ashinaga family members have various background and culture, such exotic harmony echoed in participants heart as a hope song.   We had lots of challenge because this year was still beginning of the change. However, we presume this year will be memorable challenge year. From Nansana, we wish our harmony of philanthropy will ring.

Shot from the Fashion show, our first experience.We are all Ashinaga Family, who made the festival.

We are all Ashinaga Family, who made the festival.

 - Rainbow House, Terakoya


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