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Introducing Reading Culuture to Terakoya Pupils


ASHINAGA Uganda has a library. Though it has a small space, it is full of books including picture books and literature books. These books are all donated by Ashinaga-san from all over the world. After lunch, pupils come and ask staff to open the library.  “ We want to read!”But we have one concern which is about handling of books. They leave the books around after they read and sometimes they put books back upside down.Every time after children’ leaving, the library untidy.Normally, we want to open the library to read books anytime, but in this term, we open the library at lunch time only. Therefore, we have lessons of reading in special class once in a week. “Books are for who?”, “How to stay at our library?”, “Let’s find your favorite book” or “Create a story and make your original book” Class have a wide range of themes.Now we are trying to tell our pupils about importance of treating books properly and enjoy reading through these various approaches and we selected four pupils as librarians, they clean and organize the library regularly. At lunch time, the little librarians are busy warning users. “Hush! This is the space for reading.” “NO, NO. Don’t bring any water.” “Hey, put your book back!” Sometimes such caution become quarrelsome, anyway, they try to work hard as librarians. On the other hand, we can see pupils who are reading silently or who gather around Japanese volunteer student who is reading a story for them. Now pupils are making original books in special class. They think of the story and draw pictures on color papers. A pupil who is not good at writing, can sometimes draw good pictures when given chances.Let us introduce one of their works.

One fine morning, there was a dog.

The dog was good animal.

The dog ate bones.

The dog met a cat and chased it.

One day, the dog produced a puppy.

One day, the dog was playing with puppy.

The puppy’s name was Trevor.

The puppy was playfull animal.

They lived in happy.

Writer: Primary 1

We are going to set a special corner at library. When you visit ASHINAGA Uganda, please read books which will be the first work of the great writer to be.

 - Terakoya


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