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TERAKOYA 3rd Term Started


It has been almost 2 weeks since TERAKOYA 3rd term started. Children who had been still in holiday mood are beginning to get back their seriousness gradually.

Every Monday to Thursday afternoon, TERAKOYA has classes called “Special Class”, mainly conducted by Japanese volunteer and Ugandan candidates. This is the time of learning new knowledge and skills, which can’t be covered by ordinary classes. The range of the class is very wide. For example, introducing Japanese Culture, mathematics game and teaching social rules. “What are we going to have today?” Students are always excited every day after lunch.

Last special class, conducted by one of the Japanese volunteer student, they wrote “The goals of 3rd term”. Such as 1.Your dream, 2.To achieve them, what you can do in this 3rd term, 3.Write your determination.

Their dreams are great, some of them are even funny. However, these dreamers are serious. They have never seen real pilots, but they told us seriously about how they want to be pilots. Another student came to submit her paper with full confidence even she misspelled the name of the occupation.

We cannot stop them to speak about their dreams, still in this lesson the goal is to think of the steps to achieve their dream. “Then, for your wonderful dream, what can you do now?”  Many students kept considering about this question from the volunteer. There answers were “Study mathematics hard” “Be the best in my class” and so on. Children papers on the goal of this term was put on the wall of the classroom with volunteer’s comment.

The fact is children’s dreams always change. Therefore, it is important for them to remember the process of thinking about the steps to achieve their goal. “My dream is to be a nurse” “I want to be an accountant” “I will be a famous drummer” said children. Their small dreams is building little by little.

 - Terakoya


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