Education For the Future


Departure of Future Leaders


It is our pleasure that four other Ugandan students left Ashinaga Uganda to study in U.S.A and Japan. Daniel Kibuuka, Joseph Ssengendo and Hilda Nalwanga to U.S.A, and Peace to Japan. Studying in a developed country like U.S.A and Japan is not easy especially for Ugandan students with poor economic status. In case, there is chance for them to study abroad, still there is a challenge of passing entrance examination, because the Ugandan education system is different from U.S.A and Japan. However, as the fruits of their remarkable effort, they got the ticket for their dream come true. “My achievements owes first My mum, and our intern students who taught us SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), staff in Ashinaga Uganda and my friends whom we studied together. They gave the pair of shoes to take one step forward. Thanks to all of them, sometimes we struggled, but we could go and continue going. After graduating from my college, I want to work for Ugandan women in harsh economic situations. Sometimes I feel some pressure of expectations by surroundings, but I want to use such pressure as my engine to study eagerly at my college.” Said Hilda (Smith college, U.S.A) They will face new challenges in their new life. But we believe that they have nothing to fear now because they already survived their harsh conditions and studied hard in Uganda. We will cheer them up from here in Uganda. Hang in there, our future leaders!

Hilda, on the day she reached there first time

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