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4 candidates to Japan!



“My dream of studying in Japan finally came true. I will study more and more in Japan, and I want to work for Ashinaga and Uganda in future.” 4 candidates on the Overseas Education Program at Ashinaga Uganda (AU), Lutaaya Vialey(20), Kayiira Geoffrey(20),Senogsa Pius(21) and Sekajja Hamuza(19), said. They passed their entrance exams at Japanese universities this year. Vialey will study Global Japanese Studies at Meiji University, Geoffrey to the Department of Liberal Arts at Doshisha University, and Pius and Hamza to the Department of School of International Studies at Kwansei University from April 2014.

They have been very active in various activities at AU since they were young. Vialey, Geoffrey, and Pius became the candidate in 2012, and Hamuza in 2013.

Vialey said, “I really want to inform my mother of this result. She has been worried about me, and she always think of my future. I want make her happy with this result.” He tried applying for Japanese Universities. However, he failed the exam. This was his 3rd challenge, and he finally passed Meiji. He has not yet told his mother that he wants to study in Japan, worrying that will affect her health. “I can tell her now what I did and what I want to be.” He will continue working hard for his mother in Japan.

Geoffrey missed a college in US. Then he decided to apply for Japanese University, but he failed again. He kept on studying with regret, but he got a ticket to Japan this time. “I will miss my son when he goes to Japan, but there are a few students who can get this chance, so I want him to make the best use of this chance and grow up” His mother said. He is leaving Uganda to Japan with mother’s expectation.

“It has been a long way.” Pius feels this strongly. He has been coming to AU since he was young, and he always wanted to study in Japan someday. It was his third challenge, too. “It was a hard time not to pass the exam. But I finally passed, and I realized a dream will come true if I continue to work hard without giving up.” He realized his long-time dream, and he reached new start-line.

Hamuza started to study as a candidate from this year. He is very calm, but he has a strong sense of justice and clear goal. His dream is to become an accountant. “I will study more and more in Japan and be a good accountant. And I want to reconstruct economical corruptions in Uganda.” he says. He would be a person to change the economic situation in Uganda in future.

Now that they passed, they are recently concentrating studying Japanese and English. I will try to help them as a Japanese teacher, so that they can start better life in Japan.

Tomoya Sugiyama (Student volunteer)

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