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Cleaning Club


Cleaning Club


Student volunteers are cleaning in Nansana. Cleaning Club is now composed of two Japanese and six Ugandan students.

I introduce the activity of Cleaning Club.


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The Club cleans the road from Main Road to Ashinaga Uganda in the morning every Saturday.

Members of Cleaning Club put tasuki (a kind of sash worn diagonally across the shoulder) and they clean roads in Nansana.

Around Ashinaga Uganda, many straws and plastic bags are thrown away on the road.


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Mako Iramina, Japanese Volunteer student, is leading the club now.

She said, “Now, our targets are to get more twenty members and to expand the area we clean. I hope there will be no litter in Uganda, as people say Uganda is Pearl of Africa.

Yuta Totsuka (Student Volunteer)

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