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Conclusion – Teenagers’ Care Program


Last Teenagers’ Care Program in This Year

Teenagers’ Care Program was held on Saturday, November 23. It was the last Care Program for Teenagers in this year.

The program was reflect all of Programs which were held in this year.

Group Time

DSC 0108

Participants discussed which program was good and made their own programs based on the ideas.


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They wrote down their suggestion and had presentation. Each group suggested new idea of themes and what teenagers should learn from the program.

Letters for Ashinaga-san

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It was also the day for writing the letter for Ashinaga-san (donors). They expressed their application in the letter and wrote their dreams, favorite subject and so on.

It will reach Ashinaga-san shortly.

Ashinaga Uganda is going to send them with translation.

Teenagers’ Care Program Next Year

We are going to continue holding Teenagers’ Care Program once a month next year. We are going to make programs considering what is important for teenagers and how they can learn lessons from our programs.

Yuta Totsuka (Stundent volunteer)

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