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Beans bracelets – 2


Hope you have checked the former article about beans bracelet project.  I am introducing guardians made the bracelets this year.  Current and former 20 guardians of TERAKOYA students were selected for this year.  Almost all of them don’t have permanent jobs, so their incomes are less than other families and they don’t have enough money to live on.  We offer the opportunities for these families which they don’t have enough money to survive.

Each guardian made more than 1000 bracelets. They worked from morning to evening besides their domestic work.  Even though I visited their home without notice, most of them were seriously making the bracelets.  Now I know how these bracelets are made one by one.

Recently, they finally finished making 20,000 bracelets in total. Only thing remaining is shipment for Japan.  We appreciate both participants of P-WALK and our guardians for this opportunity. Let’s join the “40th ASHINAGA P-Walk 10” this year, and see the works of mothers in Uganda.

Aya Okuno (Student Volunteer)

 - Terakoya, Volunteers