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Know the world, aim for the world


Teenager’s Care Program on October 26th

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We held Teenager’s Care Program on October 26th. Teenagers’ Program is held once a month for those who are registered at ASHINAGA UGANDA.

“Know the world, aim for the world”

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The theme of the program was “Know the world, aim for the world!”. The program aimed to provide an opportunity to know more about the other world, wishing that in future they will contribute themselves to the world.

At the program, three of exchange students of Makerere University from Japan joined.

Drawing the world map

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We set two main programs. One is to draw the world map without seeing any pictures.

They were separated into five groups and each group made one. They cooperated and shared their knowledge and ideas with their group members. All maps were far better than what we expected.

Presentation by volunteer students

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Another main program was presentations by a Ugandan and two Japanese volunteer students. The students made their presentations in foreign countries for the opportunities to think more about the different part of the world.

Next Teenagers’ Care Program

We are going to have next Teenagers’ Care Program on November 11. We will review Teenagers’ Care Program of this month so that next program will be much better.

Yuta Totsuka(Student Volunteer)

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