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The First Baseball Game in 2013



Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC) held a baseball game on October 20th.  It was the first game for us after I became the coach of ABC in 2013.  We played the game from Kyambogo University ground, and the game was between a sister school of the University, Kyambogo College.  It was first time for some of the players and a long time for the other players to play against a different team, so they were full of motivation.  We lost 9 to 4, but I believe their attitude for Baseball, such as greeting or behavior at the ground was better than the opponent’s.  Our Players have put the theme of this year into practice, “Train code of conduct through Baseball”.

It seems they found their weak points, and this made us notice further task from now on.  It was also a chance to realize pleasure of playing baseball at the same time.  I am convinced now that ABC made its re-start and will become stronger and stronger in  near future.

Tomoya Sugiyama (Student Volunteer, Coach of ABC)

 - Ashinaga Baseball Club, Volunteers


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Ashinaga Baseball Culb

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Ashinaga Baseball Culb

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