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Candidates of the studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA (1)


I am introducing candidates of studying abroad program at ASHINAGA UGANDA today.  There are 3 candidates studying for entrance of American Universities and 5 candidates for Japanese Universities.  ASHINAGA UGANDA gives an opportunity for higher education to study in the States or Japan wishing that they will contribute for Ugandan development in the future as a leader.  In this article, especially, I will be introducing candidates for American universities.

Nalwanga Hilda Betty (20), Ssengendo Joseph (21), Kibuuka Daniel (23), are studying every day from morning to evening to enter universities in the States.  SAT is the most difficult task for them.  SAT is a standardized test for entering universities in the States, a set of English and Math test.   All students in the States also need to take SAT to enter universities in the States.  This is very difficult test not only for foreigners, but also American students.

The candidates started to study from April this year.   Ashinaga Uganda received 5 intern students from Princeton University and Vassar College in the States, and Oxford University in the UK to tutor SAT from June to September.

They already completed their first SAT at the International School of Uganda on October 5th.  It seemed to be difficult for them.  But we just hope that they will get good results.  There are other SATs in November and December.  We are encouraging them to continue studying hard and make their dreams come true.

Tomoya Sugiyama (Student Volunteer)

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