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One day in TERAKOYA


TERAKOYA students come to school at 8:30 every day.  The beginning of the day starts with cleaning.  Though they look very sleepy, they cooperate with each other to clean the class rooms.  Then they start their studies with clean environment.   “Ensuring basic knowledge in English and Math” and “Keeping their properties by themselves” are the themes of this year at TERAKOYA.  TERAKOYA has 4 grades, and they are studying subjects such as Math, English at 2 different class rooms, the lower and upper.  They like studying very much. Students have different purpose of their studies, some want to take first place in class, some study with dream that they go to Japan to study in future and some make efforts in order to make their dreams come true. Though some of them are not good at studying, they come to TERAKOYA every day appreciating the opportunities of being able to study at school.  Students also like playing a lot.  At break and lunch time, Rainbow House is filled with laughter of students running all around.  Their laughter, cry, and shout always bring energy for everybody.

Aya Okuno (student volunteer)

 - Terakoya


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Acrobatic Gymnastics

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My special class

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Children and a puppy

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The thing which make students happy

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The Picture Contest

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