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Beans Bracelets – 1


Do you know these bracelets on the photo?  We are providing these bracelets to participants of “ASHNAGA P-Walk 10” as a participation certificate.  This project started last year.  20 mothers and grandmothers who have registered students at Terakoya made them throughout a long period of time.  These white beans are eaten in daily life in Uganda.  First step is to dye beans into color, dry them, and saw them with a thread and needle carefully.  This work needs a lot of time, therefore it is very hard for mothers and grandmothers to complete even one bracelet.  In spite of such a hard work, they made more than 1000 bracelets for each. They actually worked from morning to evening besides their domestic work. Please join the “40th ASHINAGA P-Walk 10” this year, and take a look at these bracelets. We hope you receive the kindness and hope of mothers and grandmothers from Uganda through these bracelets.

Aya Okuno (Students Volunteer)

 - Terakoya


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P.E class

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The Picture Contest

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End of 2nd Term Terakoya Guardians’ Meeting

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Children and a puppy

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