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Teenagers’ Care Program


On September 28th, we hold a “Teenager Care Program”. This program is held for Secondary school students who registered under ASHINAGA UGANDA, and the program is held once a month.

Program of the day aimed to help the teenagers overcome their hardships in the past by sharing their experience. We set up the time for “Sharing”. We separated ourselves into 5 groups and discussed themes; ‘What was your hardest experience?’ ‘How did you overcome it?’ ‘Are you happy now?’ ‘What do you want to do now?’ Students shared their hardships such as losing parents, lack of school fees, and the sickness they suffer from. All shared stories made us sad; however they told “I’m happy now.” with a smile. We could listened to voices such as “I was very sad to lose my mother, but I could overcome it because I joined ASHINAGA and got a new family.” “I was encouraged by the fact that I am not the only person who had hardships in the past.”

We will carry out another Care Program next month. We will try to keep on creating an opportunity where students can feel free to share their mind.

Tomoya Sugiyama (Student Volunteer)

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