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Care program for lower primary【Knowing each other】


For children, the process of knowing each other is fun and stimulating, whatever their age are. 16th February 2013 children aged 5 to 9 participated in the Saturday care program. We started with a team work building game called Name tag grab. This was a fantastic way to build confidence and understanding. And give children an excellent foundation on which they get to know each other. Learning through play in most cases songs, dances and simple games takes away their stress being orphans from desperate families.

In addition, this was a new group combined together. This made it important to provide them opportunity to learn something about each other’s profile, interests, or achievements. Some children were meeting each other for the first time, so it was little scary. Some children adapted well, but others needed a lot of help. The program was conducted in a fun way. For example children identified themselves with one name they like to be called most. During group work they drew and colored their favorite things. They later on shared with the whole group.
At the end of the day, children established a strong relationship with each other.

Yunia Nakaggwa(Program Assistant)

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Teenager Christmas Party

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Conclusion – Teenagers’ Care Program

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Saturday care program

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