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Girls Talk


As part of our care program, we prepare a girls day during holidays. On 6th and 13th December, 2012, girls from primary to secondary school level respectively were invited to share some of the health practices and challenges they go through as girls. We believe in children’s potential and advocate for their active participation in matters which affect them. Therefore, we gave them an opportunity to share their own experiences and later on, we addressed some issues which had not been raised.


Participants learned about body changes, personal hygiene, behaviors and misconduct in society, including avoiding of early pregnancies, HIV/AIDS prevention, dressing decently and avoiding bad peer pressure.


We encouraged them to practice healthy communication skills to fight challenges, to be proud of themselves for doing the right things, to make plans to stick to their own decisions and implement them, the need to have healthy decisions and to avoid pressures that prevent them from achieving their goals.

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