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TERAKOYA 3rd term closing ceremony


Christmas Party with guardians

TERAKOYA held a closing ceremony for the year on 12th December. First of all, teachers appreciated for the improvement of students in academics and behaviors to all the guardians. They also encouraged the guardians to sit down and discuss with their children rather than punishing them at home.

At the end of the ceremony, each student received a terminal report for this term. We also rewarded Nsubuga Chrispus (Primary two) and Mirembe Prossy (Primary three) as the MVP’s of the third term. They have not only performed well in class but they have also been a good influence to other students.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, we held a small Christmas party for the children and the guardians after the closing ceremony. The students enjoyed eating sweets and playing games such as musical chairs. An appearance of the Santa Clause was the best moment of the day, and everyone got very excited –a lot more than we had expected.

It is not easy for the families of Terakoya to celebrate Christmas at home because of their financial situation; therefore, we believe that they all enjoyed today’s Christmas party at Terakoya, and we hope they will never forget the day.

 - Terakoya


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Children and a puppy

投稿日: 2011/10/20

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P.E class

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End of 2nd Term Terakoya Guardians’ Meeting

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Terakoya Sports Day

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Candy race

投稿日: 2011/10/21