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Japanese class students from Makerere University visit Ashinaga Uganda


I am Yu Yasukawa and am one of the student volunteers at Ashinaga (U). I teach Japanese to four students, who are trying to study in Japan, four times a week. On October 24th, we welcomed 15 students from the Japanese Language class of Makerere University at Ashinaga (U) to hold an exchange program. First, they toured around the facility, and then they attended my Japanese class. I was nervous in front of 20 students, but they paid attention throughout the entire class. We also organized a time to interact together while enjoying Japanese snacks. The students shared with each other why they are studying Japanese: one student from Makerere said that she wants to introduce Africa in Japanese as a tour guide. They study Japanese for various reasons, but I believe this interaction inspired all the students. At last, Mr. Kawazumi, a Japanese language lecturer at Makerere University and a senior volunteer of JICA, encouraged Ashinaga’s students who are trying to study in Japan. I am sure that the students gained even more motivation to study in Japan.

 - Overseas, Rainbow House, Volunteers