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Saturday care program


Ashinaga Uganda runs many programs. And one of them is Saturday care program. This provides psychosocial support to children.Every Saturday children come to participate in a number of activities which include skits, group work (sharing experience), presentations and games.
On 13th October 2012, 49 primary children both girls and boys came to Ashinaga Rainbow House for care program. Using a participatory approach, a theme on passing exams was conducted because they are to do end of year exams soon. Children shared their own experiences.
Nambusi Jovia a terakoya pupil in primary one had this to say, when am given an examination paper I pray to God, write my names on paper then I begin to answer questions.
Children learnt ways of preparing for exams in order to enable them improve their academic goals. For example, praying to God, revising their books, reading questions carefully before answering them, organizing their stationary like pens, pencils, Math sets and erases. Avoiding careless mistakes and always proof read their work before submitting answer sheets to teachers.

Nakaggwa Yunia (Program Assistant)

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