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The 9th Group of Volunteers from Germany


Ashinaga(U) receives volunteers not only from Japan but also from Germany every year. The 9th group of volunteers from Germany arrived in Uganda on 3rd September. The two have just graduated from high school and are going to spend one year at Ashinaga Uganda. They will mainly help TERAKOYA (literacy education program) as assistant teachers and organize special classes, which aim to encourage students’ imagination and creativity through arts and music.

Nora Nixdorf (19)
I was sure that I want to do something in the area of social welfare after high school. I am also interested in other cultures, especially the East Africa region, because my cousin lived in Uganda for one year. These were my reasons for my decision to do a volunteer service in Uganda. After this year in Uganda, I want to study social work or international relations at college. And I want to get a chance to work for organizations after studying.

Richard Herbst (18)
By thinking about what to do after finishing my high school education in Germany in 2012, I made a decision to go abroad to work as a volunteer. In my free time, I like to do sports and practicing music. Therefore, I wanted to work with children and try to pass on some of my knowledge. I’m happy to start my new life in Uganda and my new work at Ashinaga Rainbow House. I am looking forward to teaching music class and sports activities to the Terakoya children.

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