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Training Camp of Ashinaga Baseball Club


My name is Daiki Fujimoto. I am a coach of the Ashinaga Baseball Club (ABC). I teach baseball to the ABC members twice a week. During the Term II holiday, we participated in a baseball training camp with 10 ABC players from the 5th to the 10th of August. This camp was held at St. Noa Secondary School where a volunteer from JICA has been working as a baseball coach. My baseball players usually have to do housework and go to school, so it is difficult to find time for practice. This six-day camp has been the time to concentrate only on baseball; therefore, it was a valuable time for the players. I organized this camp, so that the players can learn not only baseball skills but also how to keep time and the importance of cooperation throughout this camp. At first, they couldn’t keep time. However, as time passed away, they tried to be conscious about time, and everyone encouraged others to keep time before we started our practice. And teamwork was built gradually within a team and with the other teams. They kept time, and different teams were able to work together as one team. On the last day, they seemed to be more confident, which made me sure that every player has learned a great deal throughout these six days.

 - Ashinaga Baseball Club


ABC Match!

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Ashinaga Baseball Culb

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The First Baseball Game in 2013

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