Education For the Future


Leaders’ Camp


3 nights 4 days from 22nd to 25th August, “Leaders’ Camp” took place in Kabale District. 48 orphaned teenagers participated in this camp. And there were 75 participants in all members including the staffs. The Japanese trainee and the Ugandan studying-abroad candidates played the role of a leader, like Japanese Leaders’ Camp. They managed their own group and organized exciting programs for their teenagers.
“Long Walk” was held again this year. They pulled hands each other in their groups and walked along the 30km mountain path from Kabale town to Lake Bunyonyi. In the campfire of the last night, a representative from each group gave a short speech about what he/she has learned in this camp and about his/her decision for the future. The students’ leader sent the yell towards the participants at last of the camp fire.
This camp was held under the theme “Let’s light our candle by cooperating!” Teenagers are usually shy and can hardly be seen in which boys and girls work together. But we could see in some parts. And it became a very meaningful camp which taught “cooperation” and this camp was a lot of fun and a learning experience for the teenagers.

 - Rainbow House