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End of 2nd Term Terakoya Guardians’ Meeting


The 2nd term guardians’ meeting was held at Terakoya on 3rd August. We informed the guardians about the events, academic performance, daily behaviors and health condition of students in the 2nd term. We especially put an emphasis on the Ebola virus which has recently embarked in Uganda; we told them to avoid unnecessary travel and some ways to prevent from the disease. The guardians also discussed among themselves how to solve some of the issues the Terakoya children are facing everyday.
We then handed out the term reports and presented an award. This term, Najjuma Doreen (Primary 4) and Nantege Lukia (Primary 1) have won the MVPs (see picture below). The Terakoya teachers praised each child for their improvement not only in their academics but also in their behaviors. These two students lowered their eyes in embarrassment but received their prize with pleasure.
The attendance at this meeting was more than ever. Although we are still remaining with problems such as keeping time, we hope that our guardians’ commitment to children strengthen through these meetings.

 - Terakoya


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