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3 months report from the 9th group of Japanese student volunteers (2)


 Encountering with one of the Terakoya students, named Najjuma, has completely changed my perspectives. She always runs around during break time in Terakoya, and sometimes, she even quarrels with her classmates. She is an ordinary 12-year-old girl except that she has lost both of her parents and lives with her aunt and her family. At home, she always does her housework alone as if she were a servant. Getting to know her living conditions, I wonder if she is happy or loved. I really feel deep inside my heart that I want to help her and do something to make a difference in her life. I am at the age of 20 now, which is one of the turning points in life, and I very much appreciate that I have met someone who made a difference in my life.

(Ryota Matsunaga, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mie)

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Voluntary Work in Koboko

投稿日: 2011/10/26

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Ashinaga Baseball Culb

投稿日: 2011/10/16

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The thing which make students happy

投稿日: 2013/10/25

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Beans bracelets – 2

投稿日: 2013/11/06

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投稿日: 2011/10/12