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the 9th Group of Japanese student volunteers


On 21st March, the 9th Group of Japanese student volunteers arrived in Uganda. One of them came 2 weeks later than the other students for a personal reason, but they have all started their one-year study abroad program successfully.
There are seven students (five boys and two girls) in this year’s group: Hiroya Kamimura (Junior at University of Tsukuba), Yasushi Miyagi (Sophomore at University of the Ryukyus), Ryota Matsunaga (Sophomre at Suzuka University of Medical Science), Yu Yasukawa (Sophomore at Tokyo University of Agriculture), Daiki Fujimoto (Sophomore at Kinki University), Shiho Nonaka (Sophomore at Seinan Gakuin University), Ayumi Ogasawara (Miyagi University of Education).
They have already home-stayed with a family in Nansana and experienced fetching water, washing clothes, dancing, and talking in Luganda. They have learned an Ugandan culture.
Some of them are going to volunteer at Terakoya as an assistant teacher and volunteer to teach Japanese to Ugandan students of the overseas education program; one student is going to a rural area, about nine-hour-drive from Kampala. All the students will volunteer in Uganda until March next year under a theme for their one-year study abroad program.

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