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Sixth Ugandan students to Japanese universities


On March 13, three students, Sande Francis, Nakaswa John, and Nantongo Margaret, left Uganda for Japan.
Sunde is going to study at Doshisha University, and John and Margaret are going to study at Kwansei Gakuin University for four years.
Before studying abroad, these students studied Japanese in the morning, and volunteered as assistant teachers at Terakoya in the afternoon.
In the last two months, they gave voluntary services in Arua District (North), Rakai District (Southwest) and Tororo District (East) for a week each time. It was a first time for them to visit to North and East.
Though their dreams are different, they are all determined to contribute to the development of Uganda after coming back from Japan.
They all live in the Kobe Rainbow House in Kobe, Japan. Currently, 15 Ugandan students, including these three, are studying at universities in Japan with Ashinaga’s support.
We very much hope that they study hard and become future leaders who can contribute to the development of Uganda and Africa. Thank you for your on-going support.

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