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Nakaswa John


Hello. I’m Ayami, a student volunteer. I’m in charge of Tuesday. He is Nakaswa John, an overseas student, is going to apply for Kansai Gakuin university. He experienced a harder life than ordinary Ugandans face. However, now he has a chance to go to Japan and get the bright future. Because a lot of people have helped him. His dream is an Ugandan ambassador to Japan. He would help the poor and change Uganda in the future.

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Terakoya Graduation in 2012

投稿日: 2013/02/07

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Sande Flancis

投稿日: 2011/10/25

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Preparation for Japanese class

投稿日: 2011/10/13

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An internship student from Vassar College

投稿日: 2012/07/21