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A memorial tree


Hello. I’m Marin Hayasaka, student volunteer. He is one of the terakoya children. His name is Hassan. He attended the previous cultural festival, and this tree which is shown on the photo was planted at that time. It was a young plant, however now it is taller than him.

 - Terakoya


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Terakoya Sports Day

投稿日: 2012/11/15

Introducing Reading Culuture to Terakoya Pupils

投稿日: 2014/10/15

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Candy race

投稿日: 2011/10/21

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Sports Festival 2011

投稿日: 2011/11/14

We are all Ashinaga Family, who made the festival.
Cultural Festival 2015

投稿日: 2015/02/03